You are Beautiful

What has quickly become one of my favorite sessions to shoot are my boudoir sessions.  It’s something that took me some time to get the courage to take on actually, not knowing how comfortable I would feel and how I would possibly make my clients feel comfortable.  But to my surprise, after my first boudoir shoot with a friend 2 years ago, I realized not only were we both completely at home together within minutes, but I had the pleasure of watching her turn from a somewhat shy, intimidated woman into a strong, sexy powerful one before my eyes.  And once she saw the images, she was floating for weeks after.

Most of us, unfortunately have things about our body that we don’t like or wish we could change, but all of us want to feel beautiful and sexy, feminine and wanted.  And with every boudoir session I do, every single woman walks away with this same feeling and it is just as enjoyable for me to witness as for them to experience.  Often times these shoots are done for someone else but in the end, it’s the woman emerging in-front of the lens receiving the biggest gift.  A celebration of her in all her magnificence.

So stop worrying about losing those extra pounds or growing your hair longer or whatever ridiculous excuses we give ourselves to not treat us for a change.  You are perfectly perfect just the way you are and you deserve to witness that for yourself…the pictures don’t lie.